Public Speaking

Keegan focuses on educating middle and high school students about digital well-being, mental health, and addiction. Please send all speaking requests to keeganl444@gmail.com .

Services Offered:

- "60 Days of Disconnect" Lecture/Interactive Presentation - Involves a detailed history behind Keegan's motivation to delete social media for 60 Days as well as information on the brain, the role tech companies play in digital addiction, and tech life balance methods.

- Presentation for Parents: A presentation solely tailored toward parents and helping them raise children in a digital age. Learn about the difficult predicament parents face when raising children in a social media dense society, setting technology boundaries, and methods for opening up the conversation about digital wellness in the household.

- Presentation for Educators: A presentation designed for educators and school leaders on helping students succeed and flourish with technology in the classroom. Discover effective ways to use educational technology, the positives of negatives of technology in education, and the future of the school system as it grows alongside digital education.

- Specific presentation topics: Social media and the brain, the vulnerability of the adolescent mind in a digital age, social media and mental health, social media and emotional intelligence, social media and its impact on communication. For other specific requests, please reach out to Keegan with other suggestions.

- Workshop style presentation: An interactive, intimate presentation that involves one-on-one and group collaboration as well as consulting from Keegan to the youth, parents, and educators.


"I think Keegan's presentation was very good. It was organized very well and had several points to show the effects of social media. I really liked the part where she talked about her own story about how social media had affected her."
The Oakwood School
"Keegan did an outstanding job. Many were surprised it was her first school-wide presentation. She spoke extremely well, was confident, and it was great for the students to hear from a student instead of an adult."
-Heather Singer
Westchester Country Day School
"Very well done presentation. I think she is staging a much needed conversation to be had. Social media addiction is not a problem limited to teens, and I hope that she continues to teach other groups about her study."


Hilton Head Preparatory School: 
  • Lynn Bochian, Executive Assistant to the Head of School - 843-671-2286
The Oakwood School:

The Burlington School: 

Gaston Day School:

The Mount Vernon School:
  • Trish Bogdanchik, Head of Upper School 404.252.3448 

Westchester Country Day School: 
  •  336. 869.2128- Registrar office 

Lawrence Academy: